Composer Spotlight: Yu Namikoshi

Yu Namikoshi


Yu Namikoshi is a film, advertising and video game music composer based in Japan.

He started practising music at the age of 10 and since he was 30 has been composing cinematic music. They feature an eclectic mix of Japanese inspired traditional tracks with Asian instruments like the guzheng, pipa and percussive taiko drumming, as well as reflective piano, epic cinematic orchestral, and experimental trap, 

His compositions have been used in numerous TV shows, programs, films and video games, in Japan and beyond. A few examples include the trailers for Innocently Violent, and Death Forest: The Forest of Horror 4


Listen to a selection of Yu's tracks below or hear his full Synctracks catalogue here


170262, 156281, 179284, 250410, 179285

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