Composer Spotlight: Jon Reid

Based in the north-east of Scotland, Jon splits his time between composing in his home studio and working on his family farm.

Jon spent over 10 years in Glasgow, where he played in a pop punk band called Lost In Stereo, whose highlights include playing Download festival in 2019, and touring the UK on Fireball's Fuelling The Fire tour in 2018 alongside Flogging Molly, The Bronx, and Face To Face.

When the band began to wind down as the pandemic took over, Jon pursued a degree in Audio Engineering with the intent of spending more time in the studio rather than on the stage. He eventually came to the conclusion that composing and producing his own tracks tickled his fancy more than recording other artists.

Jon specialises in guitar-based music including hard rock and metal, and is slowly discovering the endless possibilities and electronic magic of synths, clinging to the edge of his seat as they insidiously slip into his productions and take him to a whole new world.




"Playing with 'The Bronx' was pretty cool. Their live show is something else, they had huge emphasis on getting their guitars as loud as hell so it brought huge energy to the tour. I remember the guitarist from 'The Bronx' spontaneously kicking over a table in a bar full of drinks because he was so hyped that Kiss came on over the speakers."


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